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Henry Mancini - Pink Guitar

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Audio Sample: Dear Heart

One Guitar

Over the last few years I've been experimenting with percussive effects on the guitar. For example, hitting the guitar just behind the sound hole with the heel of the palm delivers a large drum sound. Hitting the top with my right hand fingertips gives a much higher pitched sound. My left hand fingers can fill in between right hand hits, contrapuntally, either by slapping against the strings and fingerboard or using them to perform "rolls" on the sides of the guitar. On this project, my plan was to incorporate these techniques into the performances in an improvisational manner so as to resemble interplay with a real percussionist. The challenge in playing everything in real time with no overdubs, is the physical adjustments that have to be made in order to implement these various hits, taps and slaps on different parts of the guitar, then get back to a natural playing position without creating extracurricular noise. This perplexing process ended up a great learning and creative experience. I hope you enjoy it!

Kindred Spirits

This is my first solo acoustic (nylon string) recording. It was recorded live in an Art Gallery in upstate New York. Greg Gualtieri (of Pendulum Audio-designer of the best acoustic guitar preamp!) produced and recorded this project on his own custom built gear. I'm very pleased with the results. We allowed 3 nights to capture good performances...........the first evening was OK but far from what we had hoped for. The second night was a total wash out. Fortunately, the 3rd evening was magical so.... all of the tracks came from that night except for one that we took from the 1st evening. This was released on GTSP/Polygram Records.

Keeping the Dream Alive

This project started a new affiliation with Motown's jazz label, Mojazz, a Polygram Company.It features Bill Berg on drums again, myself on electric, acoustic and synth guitars, and Gary Willis on bass. John Leftwich played one track on acoustic bass. This recording has a lot more production on it and covers a broad spectrum of styles. We laid this down at Post Logic Studios sort of as an experiment. The owner, Miles Christianson, was a fan and wanted this to be the first live project out of the studio. Two engineers were used to Track........Kevin Clark and Will Rogers. Will and Miles mixed.

Grasshopper - Re-release

This is the same "Grasshopper" as released in the early 80's. Mojazz/Polygram came up with some different art work and put it out on CD. We had to clean up the master tapes a little as they were damaged from aging. The process required "baking" the tapes! That's right.

Spirit of the Dancer

On this recording, I experimented with some of the first guitar synth technology. I used a variety of instruments during this period including Ibanez and all of the Roland incarnations. I currently use the Roland VG-8 when I need to track synth. This project is the first recording to use different bass players on a couple of tracks. It was Bill Berg on drums, myself on guitar and synth guitar, Jimmy (Flim) Johnson on bass, John Patitucci (acoustic bass on 1 track), and Brad Cummings (elect. bass on 1 track). This was also released on Zebra/MCA. Kevin Clark came up with some interesting special effects while engineering and mixing.

Everybody's Painting Pictures

Gary Grimm.....long time friend and maker of Bill's drums (P.B. Drums) came up with this description of the Trio's music and offered it as the title of our 3rd recording. Once again, it was Bill Berg on drums, Jimmy (Flim) Johnson on bass, and myself playing a custom built Dudley Gimpel double neck guitar. Dudley would later co-design the Eddy Van Halen guitar for Music Man/Ernie Ball. Kevin Clark, who mixed "Grasshopper", engineered and mixed the project at his own studio in Hollywood. This project was released on Zebra/MCA records.


This was recording #2 for the original trio. Bill, Flim and I got together at my pad in Sun Valley, Ca. to lay down some new material. A good friend, Ray Mcginnis popped by with an 8-Track recorder and a few mics to engineer. Little did we know that that little project would actually be released on ITI Records. Kevin Clark, a great musician and masterful engineer, did the final mixes.


This is my first "Wayne Johnson Trio" recording with Bill Berg on drums, Jimmy "Flim" Johnson on Bass, and me on electric guitar (1957 Gibson es 335). At this time we had all recently moved to Los Angeles from Minneapolis.I sent a 4 track demo that we did at my house to "Inner City Records" in New York. They returned their thumbs up with a recording contract.Ron Malo engineered and co-produced this. He did the early "Weather Report" projects.

MoJazz Christmas Album

Some of the Mojazz artists got together for this yuletide compilation. The groove on this track is a straight-ahead (almost corny) jazz feel that is a lot of fun to play. It's a totally acoustic track. I played my Laskin nylon string guitar with Bill Berg (of course) on drums and John Leftwich on acoustic bass. We recorded this at "The Bakery" with Jon Baker engineering.